About Rachel's Spice Company

Rachel’s Spice Company started the way many businesses do; with a dream and a ton of hard work. Though it was launched in 2018 which makes it look like a fledgling company it is truly the “greatest hits” album for me (Rachel!) and my husband Dave. It took 12 fun yet intense years to get here and we truly believe the best is yet to come!

Dave and I both have roots in the food industry. Mine started 12 years ago when my family decided to open a restaurant. He comes from the amusement park world and when our powers combine we are unstoppable! While I was working at the restaurant I was also getting my Masters in Teaching. I flew the coop temporarily to test the waters in the field of education but was soon called back to the restaurant because my parents saw in me something that I had no idea I had…entrepreneurial spirit.

Fast forward 6 years, things are bumping right along with record years at the restaurant. Dave left his job to work with us making it quite literally one big happy family. I had truly found my calling in food service. Not necessarily making the food on a day to day basis, because I was also in charge of running the front of the house. So to fill my creative culinary need I ended up becoming head of R & D.  Research and development became my favorite of the many hats I wore. And coincidentally it is the task that was the most challenging but also unlocked my true potential.  My seasonal specials and homemade soups had become a real hit and every season change everyone, employees and patrons, looked forward to what Rachel would “whip up”! Dave always liked to tell people when I was in the kitchen “magic” happened! It was a skill that created a great amount of self-confidence. I am not a perfectionist by nature but developing new recipes brought out a whole new side to me! I was no longer cool with things that were "ok" they had to be absolutely out of this world! And it didn't go on the menu until it was perfect. Who knew I had it in me?! Come to find out I have culinary OCD!

Making things taste amazing became my super power. And not surprisingly seasonings were a huge part of how I did that. Rachel’s Spice Co is literally just where we naturally felt like our path was going. So yes, we did close the restaurant. But it was not because of Rachel’s Spice Company. Wait hold up....that's right, keep reading...

We had a baby! Finding out we were pregnant was both terrifying and exhilarating. My parents thought my long hours at the restaurant were making me sick when in turn finds out it was a little tiny human being! Elias is 2 years old now and he has made life so much fun/challenging! But the long hours of restaurant work were not conducive to being awesome parents so we decided to dedicate ourselves to just two things: being amazing parents and turning Rachel’s Spice Co into the business of our dreams!

Fast forward 7 months of intense renovations and set backs and ta da! We have a retail location complete with cafe!

3 1/2 YEARS LATER.....

Well we made it. We made it through opening not one but two businesses in the same location, a pandemic, Elias starting school, and we even bought our first house!

Elias is 6 now, in Kindergarten and boy is he a handful!

On December 24th, 2021 our lives were forever changed as Rachael Ray gave us a shout out on her live show. The orders started pouring in for our loaded salt and pepper! Apparently she had received it as a gift and loved it! So I sent her a thank you package with a few more of my favorites and she used those too! She has now mentioned us 4 times and we even have a spot in a segment on her you tube channel! The spice company had fallen off the radar for us due to the survival mode of the pandemic and we pretty much just focused on keeping the café going. But this has reminded me of what I set out to do in the first place...make spice blends!

We are so excited for where this next level of our adventure brings us!

If you are local come visit us at 240 Warren St in Glens Falls, NY! Spices, teas, baked goods, simple café style selections and a solid cup of joe. See you soon!

Thank you for visiting our business!

Keep it Spicy!

Dave, Rachel, & Elias Dutra



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