About Rachel's Spice Company

Rachel’s Spice Company started the way many businesses do; with a dream and a ton of hard work. Though it was launched in 2018 which makes it look like a fledgling company it is truly the “greatest hits” album for me (Rachel!) and my husband Dave. It took 12 fun yet intense years to get here and we truly believe the best is yet to come!

Dave and I both have roots in the food industry. Mine started in 2006  when my family decided to open a restaurant. He comes from the amusement park world and when our powers combine we are unstoppable! While I was working at the restaurant I was also getting my Masters in Teaching. I flew the coop temporarily to test the waters in the field of education but was soon called back to the restaurant because my parents saw in me something that I had no idea I had…entrepreneurial spirit.

Fast forward through 12 years at the family restaurant, Dave owning his own bar, having a kid, opening and closing Rachel's Cafe, and opening Winklepickers in Lake George, NY (our hometown). Phew! We've had a busy decade!

Elvis officially left the building. That's right folks after almost 20 years, foodservice is no longer a part of my daily life. Now I focus on just spices and teas!!!! Dave and my sister, Heidi, keep our smash hit of a store Winklepickers going. It is a food lovers dream store. Spices, tea, hot sauces, jerky, and all kinds of cool stuff to go with those. In fact, we are opening a second location very soon!

So what's next on our to do list?

A Rachel's Kitchen You Tube channel! Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by!

Keep it Spicy 😉

Dave, Rachel, & Elias Dutra



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