Dried parsley  brings together the flavor of other seasonings.

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Dried parsley is one of those herbs that brings together the flavor of other seasonings. While many in this country know it best as a garnish, it’s actually more typically used as a spice and is used in American, European, and Middle Eastern cooking. It takes 12 pounds of fresh Parsley to yield 1 pound of dried. A very voluminous dried herb, there are approximately 14.5 cups of dried parsley per pound.

Dried parsley is one of the most popular herbs used in American and English kitchens and foodie highbrows love to dismiss dried Parsley as being flavorless, but that isn’t completely accurate. Parsley, whether dried or fresh, should always be added to your cooking at the very last minute – like right before plating, in order to maintain its optimum flavor. When I owned a pizza shop we made our garlic knots with dough that was baked in parsley and garlic. The flavor was subtle but unforgettable. A few times they were made with basil by accident and though still absolutely delicious, not nearly as addictive as the correct version. Parsley is severely underrated so forget those food snobs! Parsley is also a key ingredient in French spice blends Fines Herbes and Bouquet Garni.

Another advantage to using dried parsley instead of fresh is when it comes to storing. At its best, fresh parsley will only keep for about two weeks in your refrigerator. Meanwhile, dried parsley is good for approximately one year when it is properly stored in a cool, dark location (in a spice cabinet away from the heat of the stove is fine).  Because dried herbs have a very concentrated flavor, the general rule of thumb is to use a third of the amount of dried parsley in any recipe calling for the fresh version. If your recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley you would only need 1 teaspoon of dried cut and sifted parsley.

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