Steak Set


It’s always nice to have options! Steak lovers will appreciate the variety of this set.

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Don’t get stuck in the rut of using the same steak seasoning over and over! This set showcases 4 options, all with very different flavors!

Texas Swagger- Put a little swagger in your steak with this chile based rub. It’s got some heat and some great flavor.

Long Horn- Are you tired of using the same old steak seasoning but you don’t want to go crazy with something new? Longhorn is our top selling middle of the road steak seasoning. It has a flavor that is different enough to get you out of the rut but it is still bold and goes exceptionally well with less expensive cuts of meat. To me Longhorn is like Montreal Steak Seasoning’s Texan cousin. It has roots in Montreal but still has it’s own flair!

Montreal- The classic! You can’t think of steak without thinking of Montreal Steak Seasoning. Our version is big and bold with a concentration on the spices not the salt.

Coco Loco- Another diversion from the usual! Coco Loco is excellent on flank and skirt steaks for Mexican inspired dishes. It blends pure cacao powder and chiles, a flavor that Latin American cuisine has cherished for hundreds of years.

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