Summertime Grill Master


Get your Grill on this summer!


This limited edition set will be gone before you know it! There’s no grill you can’t tackle with these selections!

Secret Agent Burger Seasoning- A touch of sweet and the unique peppery flavor of grains of paradise make for unforgettable burgers (meatballs too!)

Old Glory Dry Rub- There isn’t a meat this rub cannot be used on! Grilling, Smoking, Pan Frying, it is the All American all purpose rub! Bonus is that this is also great for wild game! Break out those venison ribs for the smoker! (Try it on grilled corn on the cob too!)

Blackstrap Hickory Rub- Take smoky flavor to the next level with Hickory Smoked Salt. Another very versatile rub!

Valhalla Salmon- Sweet with a touch of heat, you’ll love the “crust” this rub creates on your favorite filet!



Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4.5 in