Taco Night


Always be prepared for an unforgettable taco night! Ole!

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Always be prepared for Taco Tuesday! This groups sets you up with the basics but also gives options for extra flavor when you are craving something different!

Farmhand Chili Powder- This blend is versatile and flavorful with just enough heat to call it spicy without being overly hot.

Nacho Average Mexican Seasoning- This blend is big, bold, and spicy! I like to mix it with Farmhand Chili Powder to create a truly unique flavor.

Coco Loco- This seasoning is perfect when skirt or flank steak is on the menu! The mix of cacao powder and chiles is a flavor that has been cherished by Latin American cuisine for hundreds of years.

Pepper Zest- Pepper mixed with citrus zest makes for the perfect finishing pepper for your Mexican creations.

Smoky Citrus Salt- This salt is not only a great finishing salt but it also makes the best Margarita salt!

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