5 Spice Gift Set


The perfect one size fits all gift!


A unique and thoughtful gift for anyone on your shopping list.

Choose any 5 spices to fill this beautiful box with! Just write your selections in the comments section at checkout or email them to [email protected]!

Some great ideas:

Best Sellers: Everything bagel seasoning, Adirondack Sunrise, Five Star Pepper, Clucky #18, Loaded Salt and Pepper

S and P: Five Star Pepper, Loaded Salt and Pepper, Camp Salt and Pepper, Four Seasons Salt Blend, Pepper Zest

Grilling: Longhorn Steak, Smoky Citrus Salt, North Carolina BBQ, Valhalla Salmon, Sassy Bird

Unique Taste: Blackstrap Smoked Tea Rub, Clucky #18, Tomato Tarragon Dip Mix, Adirondack Sunrise, Valhalla Salmon

Salt Free- Mediterranean Seasoning, Five Star Pepper, Sassy Bird, Farmhand Chili Powder, Madras Curry.

Email me for more ideas!



Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4.5 × 2.5 in


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