Granulated Honey


The flavor profile of honey with the versatility of white sugar.

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Granulated Honey, also commonly referred to as Powdered Honey, is not easy to find. Because of its powder like consistency, Granulated Honey is ideal to use in rub blends and it also plays nicely with other rub ingredients while keeping its sticky nature, making it a favorite ingredient of ours. One component of a great rub is sugar, it is caramelized by the heat and creates that ever important “crust” on the meat, locking all those yummy juices in!
Granulated honey is made by spraying honey over sugar, where it next goes through a drying process and is then broken into pin-head sized granules. While possessing all of honeys rich flavor, honey granules are substantially easier work with. Contains approximately 7% honey and 93% sugar. Unlock the sweet potential of this unique product!



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