Hungarian Paprika


A kitchen classic! Hungarian Paprika adds color and flavor to so many dishes!

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Did you know that paprika is simply red bell peppers that have been dried and turned into a powder? I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asked me about the “paprika tree”!
Hungarian paprika is, as expected, grown and produced in hungary. Paprika is integral to Hungarian cusine. It is a mild, smooth paprika unlike the bitey smoked versions. Paprika is the 4th most consumed spice in the world. It’s important to remember when using paprika in sauces that it has a higher sugar content so it burns easily and will leave a bitter taste. To use for cooking, add it only when liquid ingredients are present and add it to the cooking process later on so that it doesn’t cook over high heat for too long. Paprika is commonly used as a garnish (think deviled eggs) and in dishes that are not cooked (think potato salad!)

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