Korintje Cinnamon


Classic Cinnamon Flavor

Indonesian Korintje cinnamon, Cinnamomum burmannii, is the type of cassia cinnamon that we in the US are probably most familiar with. Every part of the cinnamon evergreen tree can be used for something — including the roots, bark, leaves, buds and flowers.

Korintje cassia cinnamon is used to bring a high level of sweet flavor to a variety of breads, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pastries, pies and puddings. You’ll also find it in more savory dishes as well such as chutneys, dumplings, pickles, meat glazes, soups, stews, squash, and even vinegar. It’s also an outstanding enhancement to hot drinks like coffee, cocoa, cider and tea.

Want to give your chili or hot sauce a boost in heat without adding any more chili flavor? Add a pinch of cinnamon! It has an intensifying effect on spicy foods! It is superb in chili!

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