Roasted Minced Onion


Our Roasted Minced Onion is a modern twist on a classic ingredient.

Our Roasted Minced Onion is a modern twist on a classic ingredient, and you’ll love its instantly recognizable “French” onion flavor. Nothing beats that toasted onion flavor! Add Roasted Minced Onions to any recipe that has enough moisture to rehydrate the onions during the cooking process. If the dish doesn’t have enough liquid, then we recommend re-hydrating the onions before adding them. To re-hydrate the onion flakes place them in a small bowl and cover with water. Let them soak in the water for about 15 minutes, drain off any excess liquid and then add to the cooking process. Use our roasted onions in place of fresh white onions in any recipe where you crave a milder, slightly less pungent onion flavor.

Minced Onion equivalent – use 1-2/3 tablespoon of Roasted Minced Onion in place of one medium fresh onion.
Not sure when and where to use dehydrated minced onions (also called onion flakes), onion powder or granulated onion?
Use dehydrated minced onion when you are looking for the flavor and aroma of onion and need some texture in your recipe. Onion Powder is best when you’re looking for onion aroma and flavor, but you don’t need the typical onion texture. Granulated Onion provides an easy way to disperse onion flavor, when you don’t need the texture. Granulated onion doesn’t cake like onion powder sometimes can and tends to be easier to measure than flakes.

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