Vietnamese Cinnamon


Vietnamese Cinnamon is a  unique, spicy cinnamon. 

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Our Ground Vietnamese Cinnamon is grown and harvested in Vietnam but milled in the USA to ensure the product is as fresh as possible

So what’s the deal with cinnamon? The buzz lately is that there is only one true cinnamon, Ceylon. Experts are all over the place on this subject but I have pretty strong feelings about it. There are two types of Cinnamon; Ceylon and Cassia. There is only one type of Ceylon cinnamon and it grows on the island of Sri Lanka. Which used to be called Ceylon, hence the name. There are a few different types of Cassia Cinnamon: Korintje, Vietnamese, and Chinese. I do not feel as though one is any better than the other and they all have their place in the kitchen.

Vietnamese Cinnamon is jam packed with essential oil, making it the spiciest of all the cinnamons. In my opinion, it is the most unique cinnamon flavor available and a little goes a long way. It will hold up against complex competing flavors and is the signature ingredient in the Vietnamese dish Pho. The flavor is reminiscent of red hot candies. If you really love cinnamon, this is an excellent addition to your spice cabinet!

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