Tarragon has a unique flavor that is popular is French cooking. This delicate herb adds a distinguishing taste while enhancing the flavor of complimentary herbs.

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Dried Tarragon has a warm, sweet, anise/minty aroma and flavor and is very popular in many European cuisines, most notably those from the French. Tarragon is a key ingredient in the French cooking.  Tarragon is used to highlight the flavor of other herbs and adds a distinguishing touch to dressing, salads and sauces. Tarragon’s earthy taste also enhances the flavors of chicken, eggs, fish, mushrooms, seafood, tomatoes and zucchini.

Tarragon’s taste tends to fade a bit when cooking, so in order to enhance its flavor you should add it near the end of the cooking process. Though this herb is more flavorful fresh, where I live our growing seasoning is very short and therefore dried Tarragon is my go to.  My personal favorite way to use tarragon is in marinades and with mustard!

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