Tarragon has a unique flavor that is popular is French cooking. This delicate herb adds a distinguishing taste while enhancing the flavor of complimentary herbs.

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Dried Tarragon has a warm, sweet, anise/minty aroma and flavor and is very popular in many European cuisines, most notably those from the French. Tarragon is a key ingredient in the French cooking.  Tarragon is used to highlight the flavor of other herbs and adds a distinguishing touch to dressing, salads and sauces. Tarragon’s earthy taste also enhances the flavors of chicken, eggs, fish, mushrooms, seafood, tomatoes and zucchini.

Tarragon’s taste tends to fade a bit when cooking, so in order to enhance its flavor you should add it near the end of the cooking process. Though this herb is more flavorful fresh, where I live our growing seasoning is very short and therefore dried Tarragon is my go to.  My personal favorite way to use tarragon is in marinades and with mustard! The flavor of tarragon is exceptionally unique and if you like it please check out our French Riviera Bread Dipping Seasoning!
Tarragon is a light herb and there are 18 cups in each pound, a good thing to keep in mind!

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