Makeover Monday….an update on the café and spice shop

Welcome to Makeover Monday! Here are some sneak peeks of what we have been working on and what’s to come!

Custom cabinet doors painted in a stormy blue gray.Custom cabinets require custom doors!ohhhh what could this be?stone cold spice counterBlack Steel Baby!it's all about perspective...cabinet doors require so. many. steps. rough cut lumber is a real pain to stain...Elias is such a water baby! Me (on the left) and my BFF of a million years, Tiani. We had a great day betting on the ponies!


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing?)

So I have lots of inquiries about the physical location of Rachel’s Spice Company. The makeover is picking up pace! We took the space back to studs as the building is very old and 12 years of pizzeria has left it’s mark (quite literally). It has been a HUGE project. If something could go wrong, it has, and our patience has certainly been tested. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I am currently working on Department of Health paperwork for the food end of things and Dave is working diligently to finish up construction. My big project has been painting my beautiful custom cabinets (and so many doors!) that Dave built. The third picture is a bit of a surprise, it is an element to the spot that I think is going to be super neat. Any guesses as to what it is???

My granite also came last week! Talk about makeover! Whoa baby this fine looking slab really tips the scale! This 9 foot section is my little slice of heaven, it is my spice counter. This is where I will create custom blends, measure out custom amounts, and probably just in general hang out. I am working on industrial pipe brackets and rough cut lumber shelves that will hold my precious jars of super fresh spices. Did you notice the counter top? It is actually flooring! That’s right I’m pretty clever when I want to be 🙂

And of course we had to make time for pool fun with our little man! On Saturday we went to the Track in Saratoga, NY. I had won a VIP day through US Foods and it was just spectacular. I’m not big on betting but it’s so much fun to wager on the ponies! It was a nice break from painting, staining, menu developing, social mediaing, and everything else that goes with building a business from the ground up! But don’t worry after yoga on Sunday we were right back at it!

That’s the scoop for now. More to come! Tomorrow is national Avocado Day so make sure you guac it up! It is a great reason to make my Balsamic Cobb Salad and show your Avocado love!

Peace out homies!