Applewood Smoked Sea Salt


Salty and Smoky!


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Smoked Applewood Sea Salt has a savory flavor that is light, sweet, and a bit fruity. The popularity of smoked salts has exploded over the past few years and for good reason; a quality smoked salt adds irreplaceable flavor. This salt is our own personal secret weapon and you will find it in many of our blends and on our very own kitchen table.

The best quality smoked salts achieve their flavor by being cold smoked. Top grade smoked salts pick up the flavor characteristics of the wood they were smoked with. The most popular options are hickory, alder wood, and apple wood.  Naturally smoked salts are made by smoking sea salt over wood.  This slow cooking method requires specialized smokers and more time.  The cool smoke from these fires seeps into the salt crystals giving the distinctive and classic smoked taste. Cheaper versions that simply “flavor” the salt are not equal substitutes and once you taste the real deal, you’ll never go back!

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1/2 Cup Jar, Jar refill, 1 oz Bag, 4 oz bag, 8 oz bag, 1 Lb Bag, 5 Lb Bag, 10 Lb Bag


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