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Greek Seasoning


A bright and flavorful seasoning perfect for gyros and more!

I first fell in love with the flavors of Greek seasoning at a Greek Festival that is held at a local church every year. I properly learned how to say Gyro and the simplicity of the taste had me hooked. I wanted to replicate it year-round, so I created a seasoning to use every day! It is bright and garlicky finished with a touch of citrus and dill.  Because it is a light simple seasoning pairing with fish, chicken, and veggies is ideal.

My favorite way to cook with this is to marinate chunks of chicken in a few tablespoons of seasoning per pound with some oil. Then I skewer the chicken, grill it, and serve it gyro style on warm pita with tzatziki sauce, tomato, lettuce, and onion! Simple, cost effective, quick, and oh so good! I usually serve it with a cold vegetable like coleslaw, cucumber salad, marinated tomatoes, or a nice potato salad.

Hand blended from Sea Salt, Garlic, Mediterranean Oregano, Dill , Black Pepper , Marjoram , and Lemon Peel.

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1/2 Cup Jar, Jar refill, 1 oz Bag, 4 oz bag, 8 oz bag, 1 Lb Bag, 5 Lb Bag, 10 Lb Bag


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