Captain Hank’s Seafood Seasoning


Captain Hank’s is a versatile, flavorful seasoning for just about anything from the water!

Captain Hank is my Grandfather! This seasoning is an ode to him and his sisu* personality.  He was an avid man of the sea, getting his start in the Navy and then later owning a marina on Lake George, NY, where I grew up. His absolute favorite thing to eat was fish. Fish of all kinds; grouper, conch, haddock, pickled herring, and so many more.  But my Grandfather would not eat his fish without his beloved tartar sauce. Like his donuts every morning, no amount of convincing could change his ways. This blend incorporates some of my favorite “tartar sauce flavors” with the unmistakable flavor of roasted garlic thrown in.

I really love this seasoning on different types of light colored fish like haddock, halibut, and broiled scallops! It works with just about anything from the water though. The flavors are versatile enough to compliment a wide variety of applications. When used on vegetables the lemon shines particularly bright! We recommend starting with 1 to 2 teaspoons per pound for seasoning your catch!

Hand blended from roasted garlic, minced onion, paprika, black pepper, dill, celery seed, parsley, sea salt, and lemon peel.


My Grandfather, Henry, used to always answer the phone “How do you do?” It still tickles me to think of it. Sometimes very neat things come from grief and loss, like great seasonings!


*sisu is a Finnish word that has no direct translation in English but brazen, tenacious, and bold come close. It is also a type of boat that was built in the 70’s and 80’s out of Portsmouth, NH. You guessed it, we still have my Grandfather’s sisu boat! It will soon be refurbished and will be keeping it’s moniker of Betty Ann, named after my Grandmother. They were married for almost 60 years.


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