Prime Rib Seasoning


A prime seasoning for the prime rib!

Once upon a time,  I had a customer bring his very last specks of his favorite prime rib seasoning that had been discontinued. So, ta da,  this is my recreation for him.  This zesty salt has just the right amount of starch to help create a delightful seal on that precious piece of meat.  Many seasonings use flour, but I opt for arrowroot to keep this blend gluten free!

Hand blended from garlic, salt, onion, black pepper, four seasons salt blend, celery seed, and arrowroot.

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1/2 Cup Jar, Jar refill, 1 oz Bag, 4 oz bag, 8 oz bag, 1 Lb Bag, 5 Lb Bag, 10 Lb Bag


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