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Venison Marinade


No mattter the size of the deer, it is sure to taste like the catch of a lifetime!

Did you know that I come from a family of hunters? Living in upstate NY my whole life and growing up with a Father who is an avid hunter has shaped many things about me. I was given the option to hunt but found it was not for me. However, my Father, Sister, Husband, and Brother-in-law are all archers and shooters. Mom and I have always had the job of cooking up the results of the hunt. This venison marinade which resembles a wet rub is a cherished family recipe. My Mom and I developed it together to help ease the difficulty of working with “gamey” meat.

Rosemary and Citrus are the dominant flavors. Citrus and Salt are also tenderizors and help to soften the lean meat. All you need to add to this seasoning is oil. I prefer a light tasting olive oil but most oils will do just fine. If you cook vension often, you can make a big batch of the marinade and keep it in the fridge, ready to put into action at the drop of a hat. You can also add orange juice to it to make it thinner and to enhance the citrus flavor.

Hand blended from orange peel, Himalayan Pink Salt, rosemary,black pepper, fennel, and garlic.

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