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Loose leaf tea now available at our location!


Bagged spices now available online! New bag packaging option saves money on shipping!


Rachel's Cafe and Spice Co. Glens Falls, NY

At Rachel's Spice Co. 

You'll find the highest quality seasonings that money can buy. No anti-caking agents, MSG,  or filler salts. Just Good Clean Spice. 


We take one of the world's oldest professions and give it a modern twist. But the product is still fresh from its country of origin and ground on site. And no swashbuckling pirates to steal your spice!


We are one big spicy family.  

Hello! It's me, Rachel!

And I LOVE spices, seasonings, herbs, chiles, you name it! But what I love even more is inspiring people to become the Master Chef of their own home! This company was founded on family, fun, and a whole lot of flavor! Thanks for stopping by!

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Rachel's Spice Co.

It's love at first bite!

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